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About Us


A Brief – About Us

Delhi Nutraceuticals started production in the year 2009 with manufacturing phycocyanin extract from spirulina algae and moved to manufacturing formulated products using nutraceuticals and natural extracts with capsuling in the year 2017, with a state of the capsuling machine. Our Facility is GMP, ISO, HACCP and FSSAI approved and we have the option to make Organic Products. 

What we do

We formulate and capsule your nutraceutical products and also provide you with aa cost effective yet quality driven product.  We also extract our own phycocyanin from spiruliuna algae, which is a superfood and very good for immune system development, used for immunotherapy for the fight against Cancer and HIV. 

Delhi Nutraceuticals
  • Sep 2009

    Started in our backyard

    We started producing Phycocyanin for research purposes in our backyard and providing the same to Universities and Institutions for Cancer research.

  • Oct 2011

    Moved to full scale production

    We moved to full scale production of phycocyanin with a capacity of 30 kgs per day

  • Nov 2016

    Started manufacturing Food Grade Phycocyanin

    We began production of food grade phycocyanin from Spirulina Algae used in food and medical applications both. Food grade was also used as and API for drugs in Anti-Cancer medications for Pre/Post Chemo therapy with NO side effects and NO drug interactions occurring to the patient from the use of phycocyanin. 

  • April 2017

    Started Capsuling other Nutraceuticals

    We started manufacturing capsules of phycocyanin and other formulations, using herbal ingredients in our own brand of Delhi Nutraceuticals and helped our consumers with pure products with no fillers.

  • May 2018

    HealthDiva is born...

    We started manufacturing our products in a new brand that our customers could relate with and accept as a nutraceutical that made a difference.

  • Jan 2019

    Vitaland is established as an export brand.

    We started exporting our products to the US and Switzerland under our export brand of Vitaland. With over 60 products and 120 different formulations we now have a solution for the entire body. 

  • June 2019

    Contract Manufacturing

    We started bottling for other private label, as a contract manufacturer and can formulate and pack any formulation desired by our clients. 

About Us